MSCCPK (Microsoft Computer College Pakistan) is a developed Institute for information Technology. It puts light on all circles of IT and focuses IT learners in order equip them with modern computer technologies. The Institute was established in 2012 and still serving to remote areas.

Aim and Policy

MSCCPK aims to spare rays of Knowledge to every single person interested in gaining technology knowledge. Moreover it attempts with great enthusiasm and great passion to make learners gain modern IT concepts. The policy of the institute is to explore the boundaries of latest computer subjects along with their application programs that the learners could get deep knowledge and understanding of what IT is.


Practical Workshops

The institute focuses on the practical work to fill the loopholes in the tasks and developed workspace of the students.


The major objective of institute to meet the basic and necessary requirements of the individual interested in the field of IT.

Management and Planning

Institute creates a workspace for the aspirants and organizes the smooth way to achieve the goals in the field of IT.

Talent show Programs

Individuals are motivated to work with devotion and brought up to show their expertise and talent under the supervision of Expert Staff members.